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PrecisA Monoclonals are precise, accurate and targeted mouse monoclonals

PrecisA Monoclonals™ are in-house developed mouse monoclonal antibodies for dedicated targets. The antibodies are validated for use in IHC, WB and ICC-IF.

Precise, Accurate and Targeted

PrecisA Monoclonals are precise, accurate and targeted. Atlas Antibodies take special care in offering clones recognizing only unique non-overlapping epitopes and/or isotypes. By using our stringent production process and characterization procedure, our monoclonal antibodies have a defined specificity, multiplexing opportunities, secured continuity and a stable supply, overall offering premium performance in approved applications. They also permit high working dilutions and contribute to standardized assay procedures. PrecisA Monoclonals are cultured in murine cell lines.


Antigen and Clone Selection 

Antigen selection: The Protein Epitope Signature Tag (PrEST) concept gives you antibody performance built in from start. Using proprietary bioinformatics software, 50-150 amino acid regions with the lowest possible sequence identity to other human proteins are selected, cloned and recombinantly produced in a tightly controlled set-up.

Clone selection: Functional characterization is performed on a large number of ELISA positive cell supernatants to select the optimal clones for each application prior to subcloning and expansion of selected Hybridomas. 

Antigen and Clone Selection 

Isotyping and Epitope Mapping

Isotyping: PrecisA Monoclonals are epitope-mapped using synthetic overlapping peptides in a bead-based array format for selection of clones with non-overlapping epitopes only. Using this method, we can determine the precise binding site of the antibody to its target protein.

Epitope mapping: All PrecisA Monoclonal antibodies are isotyped to allow for multiplexing using isotype-specific secondary antibodies.


Characterization and Validation

The characterization of PrecisA Monoclonals starts with an extensive literature search to select the most accurate, relevant and clinically significant tissues to use for immunohistochemistry (IHC) characterization. We often present several tissue types in the IHC application data in our product catalog. In addition to positively stained tissue we also display a negative control tissue staining and if relevant clinical cancer tissue staining.

The characterization for Western blot (WB) data follows that same working procedure and starts with a profound literature search to find the best matching lysate. Each PrecisA Monoclonal antibody is supplied with the most relevant characterization data for its specific target.

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Characterization and Validation

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Guarantee Program

All products from Atlas Antibodies are designed for the highest possible performance and are manufactured using a standardized process to ensure the most rigorous levels of quality. Our guarantee is valid one year from the date of purchase.

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Explorer Program

Are you using our antibodies in an application or with a species we don't show on our product pages? Then we hope you will join our Explorer Program. We offer a 50% refund or a 50% discount on your next vial if you share your results with us.

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Antibody Co-Development Program

Can’t find an antibody for the protein you are working on in our catalog? Join our co-development program and let us develop it together. We are always interested in receiving your request. 

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