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Atlas Antibodies: an Extraordinary Story

Atlas Antibodies is a dynamic Life Science company dedicated to contributing to increase health and well-being globally by advancing protein science & medical discovery. Our products are used in research for the purpose of understanding and improving human health.

The company was founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas (a Wallenberg funded project), who wanted to make the unique antibodies used in the project available to fellow researchers worldwide.

Atlas Antibodies is fully owned by Patricia Industries (an Investor company) and follow the high standards of the Investor group and have a high focus on sustainability in all things we do.



Our vision is for every therapeutic discovery to be enhanced by our solutions.


Through our expertise and unique heritage, we provide innovative and high-quality solutions to researchers around the world. By doing so we enable ground-breaking medical discovery, better diagnosis, and patient outcomes.


Sustainability is at the very core of our business

Together with our key stakeholders, we have defined five focus areas within sustainability.

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Atlas Antibodies are ISO certified according to ISO9001


Atlas Antibodies are ISO certified according to ISO9001 showing that our quality management system is up to that standard.

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for a quality management system (QMS) and organizations adhere to the standard to organize and continually improve business processes and efficiency.

This accreditation demonstrates Atlas Antibodies’ ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications through an effective quality management system.