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Co-Development Program

Are you looking for antibodies currently not available in our catalog, and interested in developing an antibody together with us? Atlas Antibodies invites you to participate in our Co-Development Program. 


Some protein targets are difficult to find antibodies for, that are validated in the desired applications and samples. For this reason, we have created our Co-Development Program. If you are looking for antibodies currently not available in our catalog, there may be an opportunity for us to develop it together. 

If this sounds interesting, please send us your request. Let us know what applications and samples you are interested in using the antibody for, and togehter we will assess if there are mutual benefits to collaborate. 

Learn more about the details below. 

Program description

When an agreement to proceed with the development has been agreed upon, Atlas Antibodies will develop and produce a monoclonal antibody against the desired target, using our standardized procedures.

For selection of the optimal clones, we would like to send the antibodies to you for additional characterization in your laboratory using agreed-upon techniques such as immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, or other screening methods using your own tissue-material, reagents and resources.

Atlas Antibodies will cover all other development costs and will have all rights to the final product. 

Benefits of the program

Atlas Antibodies take the full development cost while you get an antibody with proven functionality in your experimental set-up.

Would you like to participate?

For more information, and requests for participating in the program, please contact us at