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Investor Relations

Atlas Antibodies develops, manufactures and distributes highly characterized advanced reagents to the Life Sciences community worldwide. These reagents include highly-validated antibodies, antigens and mass spectrometry protein quantification standards, constituting a unique portfolio of high-end proteomics tools, relevant for basic and clinical research in important areas such as oncology and neurology. From his origins with the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project, the product offering is in a constant state of development and expansion.

Atlas Antibodies is a privately owned company located in Bromma, a suburb of Stockholm.  The company was founded in 2006 by researchers from the HPA project and today is a holding of Patricia Industries, the majority shareholder. Minority shareholders include the consortium Atlasab Intressenter AB of researchers from the Human Protein Atlas,  the research foundation HPAs forskningsstiftelse, KTH Holding AB and Uppsala universitet Holding AB.

Atlas Antibodies has shown strong annual growth for over a decade. Today the company has an extensive product catalog and global distribution channels, addressing the needs of researchers in all geographic regions and Life Science segments in academia and industry.

The company’s success has been acknowledged by both the Swedish scientific community, where Atlas Antibodies has been awarded as one of Sweden's most promising young technology companies for three consecutive years, and by the Swedish financial paper “Dagens Industri” where Atlas Antibodies for three consecutive years has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden.

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