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Atlas Antibodies nearly tripled its size during 2021

The Swedish biotech company Atlas Antibodies lands its best annual results to date. Strategic acquisitions and a progressive business plan have paved the way for organic growth above 30 pct. and a nearly three-fold increase in revenue. Danish CEO Nille Klæbel is persistently on the lookout for more companies to add to the Atlas Antibodies family of protein-centric businesses.

April 2022

With protein- and personalized medicine-research booming, researchers from all over the world go to to shop their massive catalogue of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for cancer, neuroscience, and other types of tissue research. This shows in the annual financial performance of the company.

Revenue grew from 128 million SEK in 2020 to 324 million SEK in 2021, through a combination of strong organic business growth (31 pct.) and significant acquisition activity.

Two strategic acquisitions

The impressive results are partly driven by the acquisitions of Swiss company evitria and HistoCyte Laboratories, based in Newcastle, UK. Both companies add valuable knowledge, solutions, and production sites to the Atlas Antibodies family.

CEO Nille Klæbel is content with the expansion of the group, but ambitions remain high, and establishing new partnerships is an essential part of the company’s growth strategy. 

“We strive to be the most reliable partner for scientists studying or developing drugs targeting proteins, and we do this by building a family of best-in-class companies in this industry. With last year’s acquisitions of evitria and HistoCyte Laboratories we significantly accelerated that journey. I am thrilled to have them both on board”, says Nille Klæbel, CEO at Atlas Antibodies.

And the joy goes both ways.

“We were fortunate to have many potential buyers of evitria last year, but Atlas Antibodies has proven to be the right choice. The acquisition is a true partnership, and it genuinely feels like we are now a part of a bigger family. In addition, evitria and Atlas Antibodies both benefit from gaining access to a much wider customer base”, says Christian Eberle, CEO at evitria.

About Atlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies develops, produces, and globally markets and sells advanced reagents for biomedical research. The company originates from the Human Protein Atlas project and was founded in 2006 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Uppsala University. Atlas Antibodies is based in Stockholm, and is majority owned by Patricia Industries, the private investment arm of Wallenberg-controlled investment company Investor AB.