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Atlas Antibodies acquires HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd.

February 2021

Atlas Antibodies AB has signed an agreement to acquire UK company HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd. HistoCyte Laboratories’ portfolio of innovative cell line materials provides control of immunohistochemical assays used in the diagnosis of cancers. These materials have uniquely tissue-like properties that enhance the quality of tissue-based assays.

Formed in 2014, HistoCyte Laboratories has established a significant presence in important markets such as the UK and USA. The company has a strong growth trajectory that is expected to accelerate as acceptance of cell line controls increases rapidly.

“We at Atlas Antibodies are delighted to develop this close partnership with the HistoCyte Laboratories team. Atlas Antibodies’ unique proteome-wide portfolio of antibody reagents will, in synergy with HistoCyte Laboratories’ novel cell line controls, provide a powerful set of tools to researchers and clinicians working to understand and diagnose some of the most challenging health issues of our time”,comments Atlas Antibodies AB CEO John Daicic.

“We are excited to join Atlas Antibodies to enable us to take HistoCyte Laboratories’ offering into its next phase of growth. Listening to the market’s needs, we have expanded our product range rapidly. Working with Atlas Antibodies, who recognized our experience and share this ethos, is a natural fit. We can readily capitalize on the product synergies, so this is a very exciting opportunity that we are looking forward to driving”, says Colin Tristram, CEO of HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd.

Closing is expected during early March 2021.

About Atlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies develops, produces, and globally markets and sells advanced reagents for biomedical research. The company originates from the Human Protein Atlas project and was founded in 2006 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Uppsala University. Atlas Antibodies is based in Stockholm, and is majority owned by Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB.

About Patricia Industries

Patricia Industries is a long-term owner that invests in companies and works to develop each company to its full potential. Patricia Industries is a part of the industrial holding company Investor AB, whose main owner is the Wallenberg Foundations.