Free webinar: „Importance of reliable antibodies in tumor pathology: focus on gynecological pathology”

On the 27th October Atlas Antibodies’ principal scientist Eugenia Kuteeva held a Webinar discussing about “Importance of reliable antibodies in tumor pathology: focus on gynecological pathology”.


Abstract: Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is widely used in modern anatomic pathology both for diagnostic classification of tumors and as companion diagnostic to drug treatment. In female genital tract pathology, the main categories of tumors have some distinctive IHC features, and IHC can be used to establish or confirm diagnosis. It can be particularly important for diagnosis and classification of poorly differentiated neoplasms and metastatic tumors. Highly validated, specific and sensitive primary antibodies are of crucial importance for the IHC studies.

The Human Protein Atlas project (HPA, is a large-scale Swedish initiative aiming at mapping the entire human proteome in both normal and tumor tissues using antibody-based approach. Building on the heritage of the HPA, Atlas Antibodies is continuously working on development of novel monoclonal antibodies, the PrecisA Monoclonals™. A great effort is put into careful design and validation of the antibodies, which can be used for studying pathophysiological mechanisms of cancer, as well as diagnostic and prognostic markers in pathology. 

Dr. Eugenia Kuteeva is a Principal Scientist at Atlas Antibodies. She has a solid background in biology and 20 years of experience in histochemical techniques. At Atlas Antibodies, Dr. Kuteeva established an immunohistochemistry lab for histology-based validation of antibodies and biomarker studies. Her work is now focusing on development and validation of novel PrecisA Monoclonals ™ antibodies for pathology, neuroscience, cell biology and stem cell research.