Atlas Antibodies and the Human Protein Atlas will be exhibiting at ASCB in Washington DC, USA, December 7-11, 2019. Meet us at booths #425 and #427.

We look forward to hearing about your research and discussing what we can offer for your cell biology research needs. We are also excited to give you a demo of the Human Protein Atlas and Cell Atlas.

Antibodies for cell biology

Our product catalog features a wide range of antibodies for cell biology research. 

Explore our organelle marker antibodies, laminin and integrin markers. 



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Explore the cell with the Human Protein Atlas

The Human Protein Atlas has created the Cell Atlas, a map of the human cell. The Human Protein Altas and Atlas Antibodies teams at ASCB will be happy to demonstrate the different features in the atlas and show you how you can use it for your research.

The atlas shows the human cellular proteome localized to organelles, structures, and sub-structures in the cell. This work has been achieved by high-resolution confocal microscopy of cell lines using antibodies against over 12,000 proteins. You will find the polyclonal antibodies used for this research available from Atlas Antibodies as Triple A Polyclonals.

Discover the Human Protein Atlas and the Cell Atlas.



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About Atlas Antibodies

Building on our heritage with the Human Protein Atlas project, we provide highly validated reagents that enable leading research in biology, diagnostics and medicine for the purpose of understanding and improving human health.

Primary Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies offer a wide range of highly validated research antibodies originating from the Human Protein Atlas project. 

Triple A Polyclonals are primary antibodies developed and characterized within the Human Protein Altas project. The 21,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies cover 75% of the human proteome and are validated in IHC, WB, and ICC-IF. For each IHC antibody, you can explore 500 IHC images for each antibody.

PrecisA Monoclonals are primary mouse monoclonals with unique antigen design for optimal specificity. They are epitope mapped with defined specificity and isotyped for multiplexing. 

Targeted Proteomics

Atlas Antibodies offer QPrEST, heavy labeled protein standards for absolute quantification of human proteins using mass spectrometry.