Our Story

Atlas Antibodies has a very special story. The company was founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas project, who wanted to make the unique antibodies used in the project available to fellow researchers worldwide.


For every therapeutic discovery to be enhanced by our solutions.


Through our expertise and unique heritage, we provide innovative and high-quality solutions to researchers around the world.
By doing so we enable ground-breaking medical discovery, better diagnosis and patient outcomes.

Founded by researchers from the Human Protein Atlas

The Human Protein Atlas was initiated in 2003 by Swedish researchers, headed by Professor Mathias Uhlén, and is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation. It is a unique world-leading effort to create a complete map of human protein expression and localization in normal tissues, cancers, and cell lines. The project launched a first version of the complete human tissue proteome in 2016 as the Tissue Atlas, the subcellular proteome in 2017 and continues to add additional layers of knowledge exploring the human proteome.

Critical for the project's success was the availability of highly specific antibodies for all human proteins. As it was not possible to source all of the antibodies with the required quality needed, a standardized manufacturing process with rigorous quality control, was developed. The in-house development ensured that the antibodies met the high level of specificity and selectivity required for the project to succeed.

The first version of the Human Protein Atlas database was released at the Human Proteome Organizations (HUPO) meeting in 2005. It received an overwhelmingly positive response. Shortly afterward the Human Protein Atlas researchers started to be asked by fellow researchers if they could obtain the antibodies for use in their own research. This led to the establishment of Atlas Antibodies in 2006, to commercialize the antibodies developed by the Human Protein Atlas project.

Triple A Polyclonals, the antibodies from the Human Protein Atlas

These antibodies originating from the Human Protein Atlas project are available under the brand Atlas Antibodies Advanced Polyclonals (Triple A Polyclonals). The Triple A Polyclonals are since then been manufactured by Atlas Antibodies in our facilities in Sweden and distributed worldwide.‚Äč

PrecisA Monoclonals

PrecisA Monoclonals, precise, accurate and targeted monoclonal antibodies. In 2012, Atlas Antibodies started in-house development of mouse monoclonal antibodies against a selected number of targets. We have named them PrecisA Monoclonals to reflect both the core values at Atlas Antibodies and our Swedish origin. We offer a growing portfolio of monoclonals for use in various applications and research areas. The Swedish word "precisa" stands for precise, accurate and targeted. A perfect description of our mouse monoclonal antibodies.

PrEST Antigens

In 2014, we expanded our product offering to include PrEST Antigens, recombinant protein fragments used as immunogens for generating Triple A Polyclonals and PrecisA Monoclonals. The PrEST Antigens are recombinant human Protein Epitope Signature Tags (PrESTs), consisting of 50-150 amino acids, and are designed to have as low sequence identity as possible to other human proteins. The PrEST Antigens are provided as complements to our antibodies for control experiments.

Our achievements

Our success has been acknowledged by both the Swedish scientific community, where Atlas Antibodies has been nominated as one of Sweden's most promising young technology companies for three consecutive years, and by the Swedish daily financial paper Dagens Industri as one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. In 2014 Atlas Antibodies was also the proud recipient of the SwedishLabTech Award for our contributions to the antibody-based exploration of the human proteome using TripleA Polyclonals. In 2018 we were delighted to be Highly Commended in CiteAb's 2018 awards for "Most exciting antibody validation initiative".