Biomarker Licensing

Our extensive catalog of highly characterized antibodies and our exclusive partnership with the Human Protein Atlas project provides us with a unique position to perform directed biomarker discovery research, to answer unmet needs in clinical pathology and oncology. 

Atlas Antibodies was founded by researchers from the prestigious academic project The Human Protein Atlas, who wanted to make the unique antibodies developed within the project available to fellow researchers worldwide. These antibodies are provided under the brand name Triple A Polyclonals.

Research remains at the heart of our company. We are actively looking for collaborations on both existing and future product offerings. Several proprietary biomarkers are open for licensing.

Collaboration Benefits

Atlas Antibodies can offer partners full access to the Human Protein Atlas, including off-the-shelf availability to all antibodies, to answer your specific clinical questions or to investigate individual proteins functionality as a biomarker.

Available Biomarkers and Services

For more information on available biomarkers, or if you would like to know more about Atlas Antibodies customized solutions and validation capabilities, and how they can benefit your research, please contact