Explorer Program

Are you using our antibodies in an application or with a species we don't show on our product pages? Then we hope you will join our Explorer Program and share your results and experiences with us.

How the Explorer Program works

On each individual product page for our products, you will find the applications and species the particular antibody is validated for. In some cases, you may still be interested to use an antibody in another context. This is why we have created the Explorer Program.

You are welcome to participate in the Explorer Program if you plan to use our antibodies in an application or species not listed on our product pages. 

This is how it works: You purchase the full size (100 µl) antibody at our regular price. When you share your results with us (regardless of the outcome) we offer a 25µl vial free of charge with your next order. The Explorer Program offer is valid one year from the date of purchase of the antibody.

To participate, please contact our scientific support.

Share your results with other researchers

With your permission, we'll share the results from your Explorer Program submission on the Researcher Contributions section on the product page for others to see. 

Researcher contributions

Researchers using our antibodies are very important to us at Atlas Antibodies. We have introduced a feature we call Researcher Contributions where you can share data with us and other scientists.

Researcher Contribution for Anti-LEMD2 Antibody HPA017340
Researcher contribution successfully testing the Anti-LEMD2 antibody (HPA017340) in mouse tissues, both cultured cells and cryosections, using immunofluorescence. Confocal images showing nuclear membranous positivity in mouse tissues (A and B) and cultured mouse myocytes (C) after staining with the antibody.

Look for the Researcher Contributions tab on our product pages. We are continuously working to add submissions we have received, and encourage all our customers to let us know if you wish to share your data. Contact our Scientific Support Team if you wish to participate. We'd like to thank everyone who has already submitted their contributions and look forward to more entries.

See a few examples of submitted contributions below. Click on the product number to visit the respective antibodies' product pages, then go to the Researcher Contribution section. 

• Researcher Contribution for Anti-LEMD2 Antibody (HPA017340) in mouse tissues.
• Researcher Contributions for Anti-APTX Antibody (HPA064930) demonstrating antibody specificity.
• Researcher Contribution for Anti-CTBP1 (HPA018987) siRNA and GFP Analysis.
• Researcher Contributions Anti-NALP3 (AMAb90569) best in test in a comparison study.