Human Proteome Poster

Interested in the human proteome? Get this poster to discover how leading scientists have mapped the human tissue proteome. 

Explore the Human Proteome

The human body is made up of proteins from about 20,000 protein coding genes. The Human Protein Atlas presents the complete human proteome, a tissue-based map of all major tissues and organs in the human body. The polyclonal antibodies used for this research are available from Atlas Antibodies as Triple A Polyclonals.

This poster lets you explore the human proteome from 7 different perspectives and in all major organs and tissues divided into 13 groups. Did you know that almost half of all proteins are considered housekeeping proteins, expressed in all cells? Or that the testis is the organ in the human body that has the highest number of tissue specific proteins? 

Explore the Human Proteome

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The Human Protein Atlas

Learn how the Human Protein Atlas project has mapped the human proteome.

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