Primary Antibodies for Cell Biology Research

Atlas Antibodies manufactures a large selection of Triple A Polyclonals and PrecisA Monoclonals for cell biology research. Find out more about our specific markers for: Organelle, Integrins, Laminin, Histones and Centriolar Satellites.


Primary Antibodies Targeting the Organelles Proteome


Discover the organelle proteome and find information about primary antibodies suitable as markers for each of the individual proteomes of the organelles and subcellular structures classified within the subcellular section of the human protein atlas (HPA), together with beautiful example of immunofluorescent staining images.


Learn about the distribution and classification of 13,041 genes across 35 organelles and subcellular structures.


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Primary Antibodies Targeting the Organelles Proteome

Laminin Markers Panel

Laminin proteins are the major components of the basement membrane, crucial for a wide variety of biological processes.

Our Laminin Marker panel consists of mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting specific laminin subunits.

The antibodies are useful tools to identify specific laminin subunits present in a tissue of interest to further understand the roles and expression patterns of different laminins.

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Laminin Markers Panel


Integrins are a family of transmembrane receptor proteins connecting the cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix (ECM).

They bind to ECM glycoproteins, including collagens, fibronectins, laminins, and several cellular receptors as well as function as signal transducers.

Learn about the function and structure of integrins and find antibodies targeting the different integrins.

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Organelle Markers

Subcellular localization studies are essential for mapping, characterizing, and revealing the role of the protein in cellular processes.

The antibodies in our Organelle Marker panel are PrecisA mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting a selection of subcellular locations.

The antibodies target markers with known location and can be used as references to stain and confirm the location of the protein you are studying.

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Organelle Markers


Histones are a family of basic proteins that associate with DNA in the nucleus and help condense it into chromatin providing structural support for a chromosome.


To do that, the DNA wraps around complexes of histone proteins, giving the chromosome a more compact shape.


Learn about the function and structure of histones and explore our selected PrecisA Monoclonal antibodies targeting histones. 

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Centriolar Satellite Markers

The centrosome is the organelle that acts as the primary microtubule-organizing center of the cell.

The centrosome includes the centrioles (the structures that enable the formation of spindle fibers) along with a dense mass of protein called the peri-centriolar material, now known as centriolar satellites.


Atlas Antibodies offers numerous markers targeting centriolar satellite proteins.

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Centriolar Satellite Markers

The Subcellular Atlas

The Subcellular Atlas, part of the Human Protein Atlas project, provides high-resolution insights into the expression and spatiotemporal distribution of proteins encoded by 13041 genes.

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The Cell Line Atlas

The Cell Line Atlas, a section of the Human Protein Atlas, contains information on genome-wide RNA expression profiles of human protein-coding genes in 69 human cell lines.

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