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Atlas Antibodies offer a large selection of Triple A Polyclonals™ and PrecisA Monoclonals™ for cell biology. Explore our organelle marker antibodies, laminin and integrin markers. 

Organelle Markers

Subcellular localization studies are important for mapping, characterizing and revealing the role of the protein in cellular processes. The antibodies in our Organelle Marker panel are mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting a selection of subcellular locations. The antibodies target markers with known locations and can be used as references to stain and confirm the location of the protein you are studying.

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Organelle Markers


Integrins are a family of transmembrane receptor proteins, connecting the cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix (ECM). They bind to ECM glycoproteins including collagens, fibronectins, laminins, and a number of cellular receptors as well as function as signal transducers. Learn about the function and structure of integrins and find antibodies targeting the different integrins.

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Laminin Markers

Laminin proteins are the major components of the basement membrane, crucial for a wide variety of biological processes. Our Laminin Marker panel consists of mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting specific laminin subunits. The antibodies are useful tools to identify specific laminin subunits present in a tissue of interest to further understand the roles and expression patterns of different laminins.

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Laminin Markers

Cell Atlas

The Cell Atlas database, a part of the Human Protein Atlas, is a map of the human subcellular proteome. It provides high-resolution insights into the spatiotemporal distribution of proteins within human cells. It is an amazing resource for exploring details of individual genes and proteins. Find out how you can benefit from the Cell Atlas in your research. 

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