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Using Atlas Antibodies rabbit anti-XK (HPA019036) polyclonal antibody for McLeod Syndrome and Chorea-Acanthocytosis diseases research

Article: "Requirement of Xk and Vps13a for the P2X7-mediated phospholipid scrambling and cell lysis in mouse T cells"



The X-linked Kx Blood Group (XK) is a protein-coding gene associated with McLeod Syndrome and Chorea-Acanthocytosis diseases, both characterized by the progressive movement, cognitive and behavioral disorders.

At a cellular level, cell lysis and necrosis can be found in cells and blood-forming tissues.

Using our rabbit anti-XK (HPA019036) polyclonal antibody, this newly published study by Ryoden Yetal, (PNAS 2022) shows that XK, complexing with other proteins at the plasma membrane, mediates a phospholipid scrambling activity essential for maintaining homeostasis in the immune and nervous systems, thus limiting cell lysis and necrosis.

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