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Polyclonal anti-DMD in colorectal cancer research

Article: "Overexpression of synaptic vesicle protein Rab GTPase 3C promotes vesicular exocytosis and drug resistance in colorectal cancer cells"


A novel combined therapeutic option for the treatment of colorectal cancer?

Newly published data support a novel strategy for the clinical application of the CB2 agonist for the enhancement of the chemotherapeutic drug response in colorectal patients with high expressions of RAB3C.

RAB3C is a peripheral membrane protein involved in vesicle formation and cell movement. Dysregulation of RAB proteins correlates with drug resistance and the altered tumor microenvironment in tumorigenesis, including CRC.

This study by Chang YC, et al. confirmed that RAB3C plays a key role in CRC progression. Its overexpression promotes exocytosis and is related to the resistance to several chemotherapeutic drugs. The authors found that dystrophin is one of the proteins that is upregulated with the overexpression of RAB3C.

👉 Our polyclonal anti-DMD (dystrophin, HPA023885) antibody was used in WB and IHC.

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