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Our polyclonal anti-RNF113A antibody in neural stem cells research

Article: "The Neurodevelopmental Disorders Associated Gene Rnf113a Regulates Survival and Differentiation Properties of Neural Stem Cells"



RNF113A (Ring Finger Protein 113A) regulates survival and differentiation properties of neural stem cells.

Loss-of-function mutations in human RNF113A are associated with autism spectrum disorders and X-linked trichothiodystrophy (TTD) syndrome characterized by abnormal development of central nervous system and mental retardation.

This study by Tsampoula M. et al, (Stem Cells, 2022) identifies Rnf113a1 as a critical regulator of cell death and neurogenesis during mouse brain development and provide insights for its role in neurodevelopmental defects associated with autism and TTD.

The rabbit polyclonal anti-RNF113A antibody (HPA000160) from Atlas Antibodies was used in this study.

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