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Meet Mikael Malmqvist Ph.D. Principal Scientist, R&D, Atlas Antibodies.

We are continuing our employee spotlight series with another profile portrait. The "Employees Spotlight" series portrays the story of Atlas Antibodies from the people who know it the best. Today we meet Mikael Malmquist, Principal Scientist at Atlas Antibodies who has been with us for over 5 years. Read on to learn about his journey and some of his greatest memories.

Q1: Hi Mikael could you list five hashtags that describe your personality and interests?

Mikael: Sure, they would be #loveforgoodfood, #science, #curiosity, #findingtheunknown, #analyticalthinking

Q2: What would you say your favorite city in the world is and why?

Mikael: My favorite city is London. I have spent a large part of my adult life there. I have family and many friends in and around the city, and London offers the best football (soccer) in the world.

Q3: Could you describe your role as a Principal Scientist?

Mikael: My role involves carrying out product development of the company’s next immunoassay test platforms. My work duties range from designing experiments, performing laboratory optimizations and developments, analyzing data, and presenting at scientific meetings.

Q4: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Mikael: Being part of the whole chain of product development, from designing and performing the proof of concept studies to taking part in the discussions surrounding product development and launch.



Mikael Malmqvist, Principal Scientist at Atlas Antibodies



Q5: Last question: could you share one of your favorite memories about Atlas Antibodies?

Mikael: Of course, one of my favorite memories is from when Atlas Antibodies took part in the 2016 American Society of Cell Biology Meeting in San Francisco.

The Human Protein Atlas launched the Cell Atlas at the meeting. The Cell Atlas contains high-resolution images of more than 12,000 human proteins characterized on a subcellular level using fluorescent confocal microscopy. At the same time, Atlas Antibodies launched their new ICC-IF platform, enabling high throughput validation of subcellular staining distribution of their ICC-recommended products. The platform was based on work that I had recently carried out. That is a great company memory of mine.

Thank you, Mikael we appreciate you taking the time to share your story.