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Employee Spotlight:

Marie Utterbäck, Product Manager


For our Employee Spotlight series, meet Marie Utterbäck, one of the product managers at Atlas Antibodies.

Marie has been in Atlas Antibodies for seven years where she covers now a product manager role. During her voyage, however, she transitioned from Research and Development (R&D) to a more commercial role. Keep reading to take part in her exciting journey and to learn more about the opportunities that lie within a company in growth.

Hi Marie, could you list five hashtags that describe your personality and interest?

Marie: Of course, they would be: #Horseriding #Traveling #Proteinanalysis #Marketing&Sales #Dataanalysis

Do you have any hobbies? If so which ones?

Marie:  Yes, horse riding. This has been my hobby since I was a little child. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own horse anymore, but I try to go to the stable as often as possible. 


Photo: Marie Utterbäck, Product Manager at Atlas Antibodies


Could you shortly describe your professional background? What road did you take to get to Atlas Antibodies?

Marie: I started my career at Atlas Antibodies in January 2015 as a Master's thesis student while studying Molecular Biotechnology at Uppsala. After I graduated, I got the opportunity to stay at the company and work with the R&D team, which I happily accepted.

At that time, we only were around 20 employees, which is very different compared to today, when we are around 80 employees. If I look back at the years, I have spent at Atlas Antibodies, it really is an incredible journey this company has been on. It also makes me very happy to have been a part of that journey.

How has your career developed during your employment?

Marie: I started out working for almost five years together with the R&D group. I began as a Laboratory Engineer and later worked as a Research Scientist.

The next step in my career was to move to the commercial team to work as an application specialist. This was really exciting for me since I got the chance to use the technical knowledge I built while working in the R&D group to help our customers succeed in their research. During my time as an application specialist, I also learned a lot about the commercial side of the business, which then helped me move into my current role as Product Manager.

How would you describe your current role? What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects?

Marie: In my current role as Product Manager, I am responsible for the product's road map. This means I work with defining the strategy for the product and its development based on feedback from customers, insights from R&D, and by understanding market needs. I work very closely with the R&D department regarding product development and with sales to assess and execute commercial opportunities. I also collaborate with the marketing communications team on product launches and other marketing activities we perform.

What I like the most about my role as a product manager is that it is so diverse. I get to work with product development as I did during my time in R&D which is great. I also get the opportunity to move closer to the customer and to collaborate with marketing and sales, which I also appreciate.

What I find to be the most challenging aspect of my role is that I need to understand and have a holistic view, including all parts of the business (R&D, sales, and operations), to be able to make the right decisions for the product. This can sometimes be challenging, as I am still growing into my new role. At the same time, it also provides great learnings for me in my professional development as a product manager.



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What would you say are the best things about working in life science?

Marie: Firstly, I would say that I think the area is so interesting in itself. I am also a person who really likes to learn and understand things, so I always want to learn more about the field every day, which is why I enjoy working in that field.

The second thing is that I every day can feel that we make a difference. For us, it is not by performing the actual research but instead by providing the researcher with reagents that meet their needs so that they can succeed with their research. Being a part of that feels great to me.

Could you describe a great memory you have while working at Atlas Antibodies? 

Marie: I have many great memories from my time with the company, one of them being a product launch in 2019 during a conference in Australia. This is a great memory for many different reasons. We had worked on the development of this product for a long time, and we were all proud of the result. It was a milestone for us to finally be able to show it to potential customers.

The feedback we received was very positive, which we, of course, celebrated during our time down under, and where is a better place to celebrate something like that with your team than in a country like Australia? The trip also meant I got to spend some quality time with my coworkers, where we could see kangaroos and other cool animals, which I also enjoyed as it created a great team spirit for us. I consider that trip one of my greatest Atlas Antibodies memories.

Thank you, Marie, for sharing your story with us.


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