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Since being founded in 2006 by researchers from the Human Protein Atlas project, who wanted to make the unique antibodies used in the project available to fellow researchers worldwide, we've evolved into a company dedicated to advancing research, diagnostics, and medicine through furthering exploration of the tissue and cell proteome that we've become today.

This year marks a major milestone for Atlas Antibodies, as it will be 15 years since we started our journey by launching our antibodies webshop. There are many more milestones we want to share with you. Keep reading!


Photo: Dr. Caroline Kampf.

Dr. Kampf is the CSO of Atlas Antibodies. With her Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Uppsala University, Sweden. Dr. Kampf has a long experience in immunohistochemistry. Over 10 years she played a key role in starting the Human Protein Atlas project, where she most recently held the position of Site Director for the Uppsala site, responsible for the immunohistochemical antibody validation.


Dr. Caroline Kampf, CSO, Atlas Antibodies

As a co-founder of the company who joined full-time in 2016, my mission was to expand our research and development operations to help us grow and develop into an essential player in the antibody development field. We already had the significant advantage of a very vast product portfolio due to our origin in the HPA, so we worked closely with the HPA to develop a meticulous antibody validation process, antibody optimization, standardizing processes, and improving our customer support capabilities. Successfully doing this felt like going from a plucky start-up to a grown-up company in a very short timeframe. Growing quickly doesn't come without its challenges, and at this stage, communication was the key to our continued success as more people came on board. It was no longer possible for a small group of people to know about the entire company.

Today there are approximately 80 of us at Atlas Antibodies, and we haven't stopped growing yet. As one of Sweden's fastest-growing biotechnology companies, we're continually expanding our team with bright and creative new members.

Another part of growing as a company is looking for new and diverse opportunities, and in the last 12 months, we've made two exciting new acquisitions. First was UK-based HistoCyte Laboratories whose novel cell line controls are the perfect complement to our proteome-wide portfolio, and the second was evitria a world leader in transient recombinant antibody expression in CHO cells based in Switzerland.  

Even as the world came to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to keep going and serve our customers without significant disruption and take necessary measures to protect the health and safety of employees, partners, and customers. This achievement serves as a testament to the hard-working and dynamic nature of our team and is something I think we can all be proud of.

I believe the next 15 years will be as exciting as the first.


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Hear more from the Atlas Antibodies team:

"It's been an exciting adventure to be part of the start and development of Atlas Antibodies. Every different step in the company's development has had its own challenge and reward; setting up the first office and labs, launching the first website and products, first order shipped, growing, improving, expanding, moving to new facilities, new colleagues and new business partners, new business system, new website, new launches… It will be fascinating to see what the future will bring!" – Kristina Bergström, Sales Manager at Atlas Antibodies.  


"I started at Atlas Antibodies in February 2012, when the company was just 6 years old. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of the fantastic journey that we have done during these years, including growth and development of our organization, launching of the new product lines such as PrecisA Monoclonals, PrEST Antigens, and QPrEST, and new branding just to name a few. I am looking forward to continuing providing customers with high-quality research products, and also to the development of novel applications and methods and for Atlas Antibodies becoming a leading company in research and diagnostics."- Dr. Eugenia Kuteeva, Principal Scientist at Atlas Antibodies.


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Employees Spotlight

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Employees Spotlight

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