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Webinar: “Exploring neural lineages with brain organoids and their implications for understanding health and disease”

Discover the Power of Mini-Brains: Cerebral Organoids and their Impact on Understanding Health and Disease! A webinar hosted by Atlas Antibodies a specialist in antibodies for Neuroscience!

May 2023

n this webinar we will be peering into the building blocks of the mind using antibodies as a tool to spatially visualize different neuronal lineage markers in human cortical organoids. 

A better comprehension of neuronal lineages is essential to our understanding of the nervous system and how it develops and functions in health and disease. 

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“Exploring neural lineages with brain organoids and their implications for understanding health and disease”

In this webinar, Veronica Pravata, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at LMU will delve into the fascinating world of brain organoids and explore their potential to shed light on the building blocks of the mind.  

In particular, she will focus on how brain organoids can be used to study neural lineages, the developmental pathways that give rise to different types of neurons and other brain cells. 

You will learn: 

How brain organoids are providing unprecedented insights into brain development. 
How this knowledge is helping our understanding of a range of neurological and psychiatric disorders. 
Join us as we peer into the building blocks of the brain and discover the exciting new frontiers of neurodevelopment research. 

Date:  Thursday June 8th 2023

Time:  15:00 CET

Eugenia Kuteeva, Principal Scientist at Atlas Antibodies, will further elucidate how research in the field of neural lineage and brain organoids can benefit from using Atlas Antibodies’ specialized neuroscience portfolio.

  • Atlas Antibodies is the original manufacturer of the antibodies developed by the scientists at the human protein atlas. 
  • 17 years of experience providing the research community with specific primary antibodies with enhanced validation.
  • Explore our HPA origins: The Human Protein Atlas - Atlas Antibodies


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