Two-years blog anniversary! A recap of our most popular posts

This month we celebrate the second birthday of our blog. If you have missed it read on. Here is a recap just for you.

This month Atlas Antibodies’ Blog is two years old. Time flies when you’re having fun! 

Over 10K. That’s how many of you have read our blogs and supported us in 2020. Being online for two years would not have happened without you, readers, who have followed us and our growth - thank you! 

Blogging remains an important channel for us to communicate with you. 

We celebrate our second birthday with a yearly review of our accomplishments for preparing ourselves for the upcoming challenges.

We have helped you in the lab

In reviewing our posts, we noticed that the most popular are the ones where we share our tips and tricks on daily lab work, applications, and toolbox. Follow the links to know more.


We have interviewed scientists

Another popular blog post series we are always proud to share is called ‘Interview with a Scientist.’ As part of our educational campaign and willingness to connect with scientists all over the world, in this series we ask scientists to talk about their work, their key findings to explain what excites them about their projects and which challenges are ahead.

Here you can read our discussions about drug repurposing in oncology with Dr. Joanna Zawacka-Pankau, and with Dr. Rita Sattler about her studies on RNA trafficking and neurological disorders.


Other popular blogs

Research results are great, but we don’t feel limited to them. Biomarkers in oncology, microglia, and liquid biopsy got a well-deserved spotlight in our blog too. Read more about the topics by clicking the links below. 


Have you missed our first birthday? No worries, here is the link.


What’s your favorite topic?

As we write our blogs, we always keep in mind that they should be educational, informative, inspiring, empowering, and entertaining; but in the end, we write for you.

So, let us know if you have any favorite topic you want us to write about. Don’t feel limited to the latest news. Other ideas include what it’s like to work in your lab, your experience working with a new application, a research-based opinion piece on a current news story or trending topic, a comment on current international research, etc. If you’ve just published a scientific article, there could be scope for a blog post too.

Connect with our scientific writers. Your questions and comments are always welcome!

Goodbye to a challenging year

Getting through 2020 has been a challenge for many of us. Restrictions and lockdowns changed our approach to life and the way we work, but we have also heard stories of resilience, collaborations, and strength. So, let's connect. Ask us questions. Follow our blog and our social media channels. Let's start a conversation together. The winds of change are coming.

Finally, reflecting on the past year, we want to send a special thanks to all the peer scientists at research institutes worldwide who have contributed to our blog.

And last but not least, thank you to the Atlas Antibodies' Team. We have so many ideas swirling around our heads, and we can't wait to start blogging for you...oops...together with you!

The Atlas Antibodies Team wishes you a Merry Christmas… see you in 2021!