Happy one-year blog anniversary to us! Recap of our most popular posts

This month we celebrate the first anniversary of our blog. It has been an incredible journey. If you have missed our blog posts, read on. We have interviewed scientists, discussed the importance of antibody validation, the human protein atlas project and we gave you advice on how to succeed with your immunohistochemistry.

Happy birthday to us! This month we celebrate the first anniversary of our blog. Has it been one year already? It feels like just the other day we were setting up the blog thinking about you, listing our favorite topics, goals, and aspirations. This year has been incredible and a great learning experience for all of us. If you have missed or you want to have another look at our blogs read on.

The importance of taking advice from the right people

Always seek advice from the right people! It seems obvious, right? Nonetheless, it is difficult nowadays to navigate the web between everyone’s advice on what to do and how to do it. It's easier to find someone who tells you what you want to hear, compared to someone who helps you understand what you need to learn.  

Based on more than two decades of experience in immunohistochemistry and antibody validation, we know that our blog serves as educational and a problem-solving tool rather than being a mere collection of protocols and antibody catalogs copied from the web. And you should know too.

Our favorite blog topics

Over the past year, we have introduced you to several topics all based on our expertise such as the importance of antibody validation, to ensure high-quality standards for antibodies production and usage or our tips for optimizing your daily immunohistochemistry experiments.

We have spread knowledge about the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project both as an educational resource and as a necessary database for knowing more around the human proteome. We have also met with scientists at the bench to listen to their thoughts, challenges and future expectations.

Let's take a closer look at some of our blogs:


1. Blogs on Antibody Validation

The key factor in succeeding with your experiments is to make sure that your primary antibody is thoroughly validated for your application. In the following blog posts we share our best advice on how to properly validate an antibody by introducing to you the concept of Enhanced Validation:


2. Blogs on IHC Troubleshooting

Are you stuck in your IHC experiment or having issues getting your antibody to work properly? To achieve the best IHC result every step counts! How you treat your tissue samples, from fixation to dehydration, the antigen retrieval methods, the correctness of your positive and negative controls. Not least the composition of the chemical buffers. Below is a list with our best advice on how to tackle common problems in IHC:


3. The Human Protein Atlas

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) is a Swedish-based program initiated in 2003 to map all the human proteins in cells, tissues, and organs using the integration of various omics technologies, including antibody-based imaging, mass spectrometry-based proteomics, transcriptomics, and systems biology. See below our blogs on the topic:


Interview with scientists: the opinions from the experts.

One of the challenges in conducting an interview isn’t just understanding the science is also trying to get the scientists to speak in a way that the general public would understand. In our blog series “Interview with a Scientist”, we ask our scientists to talk engagingly about their work and to explain what excites them about their projects and which challenges are ahead.

Have a peek at our interviews here:


Closing an exciting year and looking forward to new challenges

It has been a wonderful journey so far! A new exciting year is approaching, and we have already started planning interesting topics for you to read.

On this special day, we want to say thank you so much for allowing us to share our knowledge with you all. A sincere thank you!