Three antibodies anti-RBM3, anti-PDS5A and anti-PRR11 in pancreatic cancer research

August, 2021 (Division of Oncology and Therapeutic Pathology, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden)

Treatment options for patients with pancreatic cancer are limited, and chemotherapy remains the standard of care, leading to only modest survival benefits.

Hence, there is a great need to explore further the mechanistic basis for this disease's intrinsic therapeutic resistance and identify novel predictive biomarkers.

Using 3 of our polyclonal antibodies in WB and IHC, this study unveils several RBM3-regulated genes with potential clinical relevance in pancreatic cancer, among which PRR11 shows the most consistent association with disease severity at both transcriptome and protein levels.


The antibodies used in the study are:

anti-RBM3 (HPA003624)
anti-PDS5A (HPA036661)
anti-PRR11 (HPA023923)

Read the study here: