Five of our antibodies in cortical neural stem cell research

July 2022 (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany)

We are thrilled to show you that 5 of our antibodies were used in this study published in Nature Cell Biology by Daniel Rosebrock et al., (2022) on cortical organoids to better understand the role of neural stem cells (NSC) in cortical development.

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The Atlas Antibodies' Triple A Polyclonals used in immunostaining and confocal imaging are:
Anti-EMX1 (HPA006421; dil 1:50)
Anti-HOPX (HPA030180; dil 1:500)
Anti-MEF2C (HPA005533; dil 1:100)
Anti-PTPRZ1 (HPA015103; dil 1:500)
Anti-SP8 (HPA054006; dil 1:50)

Our five antibodies in cortical neural stem cell research

(Image from Rosebrock et al., 2022)
a. Stem cell marker SOX2
b. iSVZ and oSVZ markers TBR2, HOPX and SOX2.
c. oRG markers LIFR, PTPRZ1 and SOX2

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