Our Anti-ANLN polyclonal antibodies in research on various types of cancer

May 2022 (Department of General Surgery, Fuyang Hospital Affiliated to Anhui Medical University, Fuyang, Anhui, China)

Using our Anti-ANLN polyclonal antibodies (HPA005680, HPA050556) this comprehensive analysis (Yanlong Shi, et al. 2022) reveals the carcinogenic and immunological roles of ANLN in human cancers. 

The anillin actin binding protein (ANLN) is a nuclear protein highly expressed in testis and bone marrow tissues. However, the abnormal expression of ANLN has not been found in diseases related to these organs.

Our Anti-ANLN polyclonal antibodies in research on various types of tumors

This comprehensive study evaluates the carcinogenic roles, the expression, and the prognostic value of ANLN in 33 types of cancer using online databases. It also identifies the potential molecular mechanisms through which ANLN may modulate immune infiltration, cell division, and the cell cycle in human cancers.

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) database, which includes distribution information for 26,000 types of tissues and cells, was applied to investigate ANLN protein expression.

The results show that ANLN expression is increased in various types of tumors and correlates with prognosis, particularly in liver cancer.

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Our Anti-ANLN polyclonal antibodies (HPA005680, HPA050556) were used in IHC. https://lnkd.in/e8tSVEJ6