Anti-Golga3 antibody in the study ”Novel players and large-scale protein dynamics of BCR activation revealed by APEX2 proximity labelling of lipid rafts”


March, 2021 (Institute of Biomedicine and MediCity Research Laboratories, University of Turku, Finland)

Successful B cell activation, critical for high-affinity antibody production, is controlled by the B cell antigen receptor (BCR).

By using our anti-Golga3 antibody (HPA040044), in immunofluorescence, this study validates Golga3 (together with other targets) as a novel protein responding to BCR activation.


The data provides a new understanding of the behavior of proteins known to be involved in the proximal antigen receptor signaling, and the simultaneously triggered processes, such as actin cytoskeleton remodeling and endocytosis.

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