New monoclonals for cancer research

We are delighted to release 50 new PrecisA Monoclonals focusing on protein targets for cancer research, including markers for cancer processes and different tumor types.

Among the new additions are mouse monoclonal antibodies targeting PAX2PAX8, BCL2, KRT7, MUC1, AR, GATA3, and MUC2

Explore the new antibodies together with our existing selection in the following categories:


Left: IHC staining of human renal cancer using the new Anti-PAX8 antibody (AMAb91488) shows moderate to strong nuclear positivity in tumor cells . Middle IHC staining of human breast cancer using the new Anti-KRT7 antibody (AMAb91531) shows strong cytoplasmic positivity in tumor cells. Right: IHC staining of human prostate cancer using the new Androgen Receptor Anti-AR antibody (AMAb91547) shows strong nuclear positivity in tumor cells.
Mechanisms in cancer

Mechanisms in cancer

Download our white paper to learn about cancer mechanisms in the cell cycle, tumor proliferation, cell death, metastasis, tumor angiogenesis.


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