Human Protein Atlas launches the Brain Atlas, Blood Atlas and Metabolic Atlas

Today, the Human Protein Atlas released the 19th version of the database including three new atlases; the Brain Atlas, the Blood Atlas and the Metabolic Atlas.

The Brain Atlas presents which proteins are localized to different brain regions. It is the first integrated view of the proteins located in the human, mouse, and pig brain regions. The regional expression in these three mammalian brains has been profiled, and the analysis includes 1,710 human brain samples, 119 pig brain samples, and 67 mouse brain samples.

The Blood Atlas is a resource for exploring blood cells and proteins. It answers the question of which proteins and cells are present in the blood. The Blood Atlas also includes "the secretome" - an analysis of all proteins predicted to be secreted from human cells.

The Metabolic Atlas allows exploration of the expression of biochemical pathways across human tissues. It is the most extensive mapping of human metabolism to date, with biochemical information and connectivity for more than 13,000 reactions, 4,000 unique compounds, and 3,500 genes.

The Human Protein Atlas also includes the Tissue Atlas, Cell Atlas, and Pathology Atlas.