SFN 2019

Thank you for meeting us at SFN in Chicago! We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did. 

We have collected useful links and product material from our booth so you can start exploring our neuroscience products. 

Antibodies for neuroscience research

Atlas Antibodies offers you a wide selection of highly validated primary antibodies for neuroscience research.

Discover our neuroscience markers, glioma markers, cortical layer markers and more. 

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The Human Protein Atlas

We enjoyed showing you the Human Protein Atlas in our booth at SFN. The Human Protein Atlas is an open-access database, presenting a complete map of protein expression in all major organs and tissues in the human body. It lets you can explore the protein you are working with and see the expression profile in 44 normal tissues and the 20 most common cancers. Here you will find all our material to start exploring the Human Protein Atlas

Discover the new Brain Atlas

The latest addition to the Human Protein Atlas is the Brain Atlas, a molecular map of the human brain. The Brain Atlas contains genome-wide RNA profiles of all human protein-coding genes found in human, pig, and mouse brains. 

Poster of the Human Brain

Poster of the Human Brain

The research behind the Brain Atlas is summarized in this beautiful poster. Get a free copy in our booth at SFN or order one here. 

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Product material

The following titles were most popular in our booth:

All our white papers and catalogs are available here

About Atlas Antibodies

Building on our heritage with the Human Protein Atlas project, we provide highly validated reagents that enable leading research in biology, diagnostics and medicine for the purpose of understanding and improving human health.

Primary Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies offer a wide range of highly validated research antibodies originating from the Human Protein Atlas project. 

Triple A Polyclonals are primary antibodies developed and characterized within the Human Protein Altas project. The 21,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies cover 75% of the human proteome and are validated in IHC, WB, and ICC-IF. For each IHC antibody, you can explore 500 IHC images for each antibody.

PrecisA Monoclonals are primary mouse monoclonals with unique antigen design for optimal specificity. They are epitope mapped with defined specificity and isotyped for multiplexing. 

Targeted Proteomics

Atlas Antibodies offer QPrEST, heavy labeled protein standards for absolute quantification of human proteins using mass spectrometry.