Distributor Spotlight - LubioScience

At Atlas Antibodies we expand our offering through a trusted partner network, and in our distributor Spotlight series we wanted to shed some extra light on this great network of ours starting with one of our distributors LubioScience. Read on to discover the story of this life science company based in Switzerland.

Atlas Antibodies - Hi LubioScience! Can you tell us a little bit about your company, how long have you been in business? What do you offer and where are you located?

LubioScience - Hi Atlas Antibodies, yes of course! LubioScience was founded in 2004 in Lucerne – hence the ‘Lu’ in the company’s name. After twelve years of supplying academics and the life science industry from there, we decided to move to Zurich, the biggest and most beautiful city in Switzerland and one of the main scientific hubs. Since 2017, we operate from Zurich.


Atlas Antibodies - What is most important for your company? What makes you unique from other companies in the same segment would you say? Why should someone purchase from you?

LubioScience - Our highest priority is customer satisfaction. Our entire business is based on fast and competent service to our highly valued customer base. Of course, a good relationship with our suppliers is key for driving the business forward. We are the fastest growing Life Science reagent distributor in Switzerland, offering a versatile portfolio that comprises more than 4.5 million products from 100+ suppliers. We cover genomics to proteomics and everything in between.


Atlas Antibodies - Do you provide any specific support, assistance, or added value to your customers?

LubioScience - As we are scientists ourselves—our marketing and sales team graduated in molecular biology—we understand the daily lab needs and we can offer a high level of technical support to our customers. Our products are available through internal catalog systems of both academic institutions and industry clients, using static catalogs and punch-out connections. This guarantees fast and simple ordering for our customers.


Atlas Antibodies - Why did you choose to work with Atlas Antibodies / What is your experience with working with Atlas Antibodies and their products?

LubioScience - Atlas Antibodies covers a very important part of our portfolio, specifically high-quality antibodies for immunohistochemistry (IHC). Atlas Antibodies’ connection to the Human Protein Atlas is extremely valuable, as customers can use this database to check expression levels of target proteins in different tissues and cell types, and directly find the matching antibodies in the Atlas Antibodies product catalog.


Atlas Antibodies - Why would you say that you are a good partner to Atlas Antibodies?

LubioScience - We have been in business for almost 17 years now and know the Swiss market very well. We know the relevant research labs focusing on IHC. In addition, our multilingual sales team covers all regions in Switzerland, which allows us to promote Atlas Antibodies across the country.


Atlas Antibodies - What type of customers buy Atlas Antibodies’ products?

LubioScience  - These are mainly IHC labs from academia and industry.


Atlas Antibodies - How do you promote Atlas Antibodies´ products in your market?

LubioScience  - We use all our regular marketing tools to promote Atlas Antibodies, such as newsletters, targeted mailings, social media posts, and Google Ads campaigns. These actions complement the effort of our sales team, who carry out daily visits to customers. Currently, though, personal visits have been replaced by virtual meetings which allow us to stay connected and maintain a good relationship with customers.


Atlas Antibodies - Can you tell us a little bit about what the future holds for LubioScience?

LubioScience - We are continually working on increasing our portfolio with interesting new product lines in order to expand our position as the largest Life Science reagent platform in Switzerland.


Atlas Antibodies - Is there anything else you would like to tell us about LubioScience?

LubioScience - Despite things getting very busy sometimes, we always find time to unwind outdoors and talk over good food.


Atlas Antibodies - Thank you LubioScience for being part of our distributor spotlight series and sharing your company story with us.


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