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QPrEST - High Accuracy Targeted Proteomics

Discover QPrEST standards: stable isotope-labeled standards for absolute quantification using mass spectrometry targeting almost the entire human proteome.‚Äč QPrESTs are designed to target the most unique sequences of proteins, delivering high accuracy, reliable quantification.

User Testimonials

“My group has been working with QPrESTs for many years and we have used them with great success for absolute quantification of proteins in a wide variety of sample types such as cell lines, tissues and plasma. I would highly recommend using QPrESTs since they are digested together with the sample which leads to very robust sample preparation and targeted proteomics assays with excellent repeatability”

Prof. Mathias Uhlén
Professor of Biotechnology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

"We like to work with the QPrESTs in our targeted proteomic studies because they are easily available for a large number of proteins and they provide several peptides for quantification. A big advantage for us is also that peptides are surrounded by their natural amino acid sequence better reflecting the sample preparation process for absolute quantification."

Patrick Oeckl Ph.D.,
Department of Neurology, Ulm University Hospital, Germany

"We have been using QPrESTs in combination with MRM to quantify apolipoproteins in plasma samples from clinical trials and are very satisfied with the results. Addition of QPrEST standards enabled very low variation between replicate samples. Furthermore, QPrESTs bring the additional benefit that they are added together with the sample at the very first step of the sample preparation workflow and require to be trypsinated in order to release the peptide(s) used as the internal standard(s), hereby minimizing variation during sample digestion”

Tasso Miliotis Ph.D,
Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca Gothenburg, Sweden

Unique QPrEST Technology

The QPrEST standards are designed to cover the most unique sequences within each human protein and to include large regions with several promising proteotypic peptides. QPrEST standards deliver high accuracy quantification for a wide range of sample types.

Learn about the unique QPrEST Technology

Unique QPrEST Technology
Featured White Paper

Read our white paper "QPrEST High Accuracy Targeted Proteomics" for a detailed description of our QPrEST technology and its benefits. The white paper covers:

  • Design and workflow
  • Quality control
  • Quantification
  • Accuracy and digestion
  • Application examples
  • Published research
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