Polyclonal Anti-RHOT1 Antibody

ras homolog family member T1
Recommended Applications
Product Description
Polyclonal Antibody against Human RHOT1
Alternative Gene Names
ARHT1, FLJ11040, MIRO-1
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Target Protein
ras homolog family member T1
Target Gene
Antigen Sequence
Recombinant Protein Epitope Signature Tag (PrEST) antigen sequence
Verified Species Reactivity
Interspecies Information

Highest antigen sequence identity to the following orthologs:

Rat ENSRNOG00000004093 (100%)

Mouse ENSMUSG00000017686 (100%)

40% glycerol and PBS (pH 7.2). 0.02% sodium azide is added as preservative. Material Safety Data Sheet
Purification Method
Affinity purified using the PrEST antigen as affinity ligand
Gently mix before use. Optimal concentrations and conditions for each application should be determined by the user.
Unit Size
100 µl
Current Lot
Produced on demand. Contact support@atlasantibodies.com for more information.
Product Data Sheet
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Recommended conditions:

Dilution: 1:200 - 1:500

Retrieval method: HIER pH6

Protein Name
ras homolog family member T1
Gene Name
Alternative Gene Names
ARHT1, FLJ11040, MIRO-1
UniProt ID
Gene (Ensembl)
Entrez Gene ID
Normally shipped at ambient temperature
Store at +4°C for short term storage. Long time storage is recommended at -20°C.
Human Protein Atlas

This antibody has been used for staining of 44 normal human tissue samples as well as human cancer samples covering the 20 most common cancer types and up to 12 patients for each cancer type. The results are part of an ongoing effort to map the human proteome using antibodies.

All characterization data for ENSG00000126858 on the Human Protein Atlas

Bharat V, Hsieh CH, Wang X

Mitochondrial Defects in Fibroblasts of Pathogenic MAPT Patients

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A Mitochondrial Membrane-Bridging Machinery Mediates Signal Transduction of Intramitochondrial Oxidation

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Mfn2 ubiquitination by PINK1/parkin gates the p97-dependent release of ER from mitochondria to drive mitophagy

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Facilitation of axon regeneration by enhancing mitochondrial transport and rescuing energy deficits

J Cell Biol , 2016 Jul 4; 214(1):103-119

PubMed ID: 27268498 DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201605101

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APC binds the Miro/Milton motor complex to stimulate transport of mitochondria to the plasma membrane

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J Neurosci , 2015 Dec 2; 35(48):15996-16011

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Hum Mol Genet , 2012 Mar 15; 21(6):1299-311. Epub 2011 Nov 30

PubMed ID: 22131369 DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddr559

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