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Atlas Antibodies is the original manufacturer of highly validated primary antibodies and control antigens.

For each product we share the antigen sequence, validation details, protocols, interspecies reactivity, references and related products.

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Share your work and science with us

If you plan to use our primary antibodies, please let us know so we can keep in touch. We will be happy to include your reference on our website.

We will offer you a spot in our blog where you can present your research, and at the same time open the door to potential future collaborations.

Please, include the research area, a short description of your research project and the antibody you want to purchase, in your email to us.


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Share your work and science with us

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If you use our products in an application or species we have not yet tested, participate in the Explorer Program, and we will feature your contribution on our website.

If you would like to share your results with us, we offer a 25µl vial free of charge with your next order.

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