My days at Atlas Antibodies

In the last three years, our company has given opportunities to Master’s students to join 20 weeks program and do their thesis. Since then, five students used that chance and after they finished the program, they were usually offered a job in Atlas Antibodies. Here is one of those stories.

I did my first days at Atlas Antibodies in January 2022. I moved from Umeå to Stockholm to begin my Master's thesis at Atlas Antibodies. Moving to Stockholm and taking my last course before graduating with a Master of Science in Biotechnology was quite a big step for me. I did not really know what to expect. I was nervous but also very excited.

Linus Sandström, Laboratory engineer, R&D at Atlas Antibodies
Linus Sandström, Laboratory engineer, R&D at Atlas Antibodies

However, the welcoming at the company was very good, and I was welcomed with open arms and instantly felt like a part of the group. After setup and introduction, I immediately started my project, "Evaluating and optimizing antigen retrieval buffers in mouse monoclonal antibodies."

A lot of discussion and investigations

The project was based on the application of immunohistochemistry (IHC), and it gave me a lot of new knowledge about IHC, tissue-specific proteins, and antibodies.

During the whole project, I got a lot of support and encouragement from my co-workers at Atlas Antibodies. The project involved a lot of discussion and investigations to find reasons that explained the result.

This was a bit tricky but gave me the chance to improve my investigation and problem-solving skills.

Switching to a permanent role

When my Master's thesis was finished, I switched over to a permanent role at Atlas Antibodies as a Laboratory engineer in R&D. This was a goal I had before starting my Master's student, to get a job at Atlas Antibodies and to stay in Stockholm.  

My time here at Atlas Antibodies as a Master's student has been both very exciting and educational. All these experiences and new learnings I got at Atlas Antibodies are surely things that I'm going to carry with me in my career. Since I have now got a permanent job at Atlas Antibodies, I have a perfect chance to keep developing and getting even more experience.


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