Our rabbit anti-human LRG1 antibody used in blood vascular endothelial cells research

April 2022 (Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland)

Six Novel Blood Vascular Endothelial Subtype-Specific Markers identified in Human Skin.

The skin serves as a physical and immunological barrier to the outer environment: functionally distinct blood vessel compartments play a pivotal role in maintaining tissue homeostasis and inflammatory skin diseases.

A new study dissected the molecular heterogeneity of blood vascular endothelial cells in healthy adult human skin.

Overall, the study provides an in-depth characterization of distinct blood vascular endothelial cells subtypes and uncovers novel markers in healthy adult human skin, providing more insights for future studies.

Among the new markers identified in the study is the leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein 1 (LRG1), exclusive to blood vessels and peculiarly enriched in the pre-venular capillaries cluster.

Our rabbit anti-human LRG1 antibody (HPA001888) was used in this study for the immunofluorescence staining of human skin sections.

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